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Egis is present in 62 countries with its products.

After recruiting at job fairs and Open days in Budapest, Egis goes to Szeged

In addition to the usual job fairs, this autumn the graduate students of the University of Szeged were also able to learn about the career opportunities that await colleagues at our company.


The Night of Modern Factories at Egis - visit us on November 11

How is Industry 4.0 perceived in the pharma industry? How does modern, automated, and digitized industrial production take place in one of the leading generic pharmaceutical factories in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe? On the “Night of Modern Factories” visitors over sixteen are warmly welcomed at the Egis Science and Technology Centre: Come! Have a look, experience it and let’s discuss the future!


Egis receives accolade for supporting major health screening programme

With the support of Egis, more than 125,000 people have been screened at around 1,300 sites over the past seven years


From making elephant toothpaste to hunting ions

Elephant toothpaste, bouncy egg, ion hunting - spectacular experiments carried the show in the final of the Egis - Researcher’s Night National Chemistry Competition for Secondary School Students, held at the Egis Science and Technology Centre. Sometimes an immersive experience is enough to inspire more students to go in for chemistry, the basis for research and pharmaceutical drug development. However, the growing shortage of chemistry teachers is alarming. The best way to get youngsters interested in chemistry is through laboratory experiments, but they are often omitted, even in classes, held by specialised teachers.

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