Principles of Pharmacovigilance

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC is committed to the safe use of drugs. Therefore we pay special attention to the collection and evaluation of the adverse events and quality complaints experienced in relation to the use of our products.

Our aim is to provide patients, physicians and pharmacists who use our products with information, which reflects the current views of medical science and which contains all the data and knowledge necessary for the safe use of our products in order to facilitate the patients’ recovery and to minimize the risks of side effects.

To reach this goal we need the cooperation of patients, practicing physicians and pharmacists in reporting suspected adverse drug reactions noticed in their professional practice. It is our firm belief that the safety of medicinal treatment is our common interest.

Please report any adverse events possibly related to the products of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, at any of the following contacts:

E-mail:  - only for adverse event reports  - for adverse event reports when accompanied by other queries, e.g., medical query, quality complaint, product inquiry etc.

+36 1 803 2777 (outside working hours, working hours: 08-17)
+36 1 803 2480

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC
Drug Safety Department
Lehel utca 11-15.
1134 Budapest

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