Transparency Latvia

Egis is a member of Medicines for Europe. Consequently, it is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Transparency Rules Chapter of the Code of Conduct of Medicines for Europe, regulating the disclosure of engagements and transfers provided by the members for healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient organisations.

According to the Transparency Rules Chapter, Egis is required to document and disclose all engagements and transfers which it provides, either directly or indirectly, for or with a view to a healthcare professional, healthcare organisation or a patient organisation. 

The transparency disclosures of the Egis entities are published on the website of (i) the Egis entity, or (ii) the local Medicines for Europe national association or (iii) the competent national authority.

Whereas the transparency disclosures of the Latvian Egis entities are published below.

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2021

Methodological note Latvia 2021

Transparency disclosure Latvia 2021

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2020

Methodological note Latvia 2020

Transparency disclosure Latvia 2020

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2019

Transparency Disclosure 2019

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2018

Methodological Note 2018

Transparency Disclosure 2018


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