In the business year of 2018/2019, we spent around EUR 50 million on research and development
The Semmelweis University and Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC have agreed on an even closer cooperation than before. Our common goal is to further raise the standards of pharmaceutical R+D as well as pharmacist and doctor training by making use of the synergies in each other’s activities. As a result of the agreement, new health industrial innovations can be launched and the Semmelweis University can be extended with more practical educational and training elements that also meet the needs of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry. More

Environment Protection - Electric Cars in the Egis Fleet

It is important for us to protect the future of our planet, therefore we try to reduce our ecological footprint. Egis uses more and more electric cars in its fleet in order to minimize the harmful substance output.


Active Agent Production Renewed

By renewing our active agent base, we wish to simultaneously raise the rate of our active agents produced internally in a reliable quality and at a competitive price as well as to increase our exports.

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