Transparency Latvia

Healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations provide the pharmaceutical industry with valuable information by sharing their experience and expertise derived from treatment of diseases. At Egis, we believe that through this cooperation, as well as through the continuous training of healthcare professionals, better results can be achieved in the field of health preservation and the treatment of diseases, and new products that better meet the needs of patients can be created. 
The purpose of the transparency disclosures is intended to provide an accurate overview of our collaboration with the healthcare sector. We believe that transparency is essential to maintaining trust within the pharmaceutical industry. 
Egis follows the Transparency Code of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) as of the calendar year 2019. 
The transparency disclosures of the Egis entities are published on the website of (i) the Egis entity, or (ii) the local national association or (iii) the competent national authority. 
Whereas the transparency disclosures of the Latvian Egis entities are published below.

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2022 
Methodological note Latvia 2022 
Transparency disclosure Latvia 2022

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2021 
Methodological note Latvia 2021 
Transparency disclosure Latvia 2021

Latvia - Transparency disclosure 2020 
Methodological note Latvia 2020 
Transparency disclosure Latvia 2020


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