Fri, Dec 13, 2013 9:35 PM
Application requesting discharge from public reporting obligation
Information on the application submitted to the NBH requesting exemption from public reporting obligation

Egis Pharmaceuticals Plc (Egis) hereby discloses that, pursuant to Section 60 of Act no. CXX.
of 2001 on the Capital Markets ("CMA"), submitted today an application to the National Bank
of Hungary for being exempted from public reporting obligations. The reason of the application
is that Arts et Techniques du Progrès (address: 25 rue Eugène Vignat, 45000 Orléans,
France), member of the Servier Group, acquired ownership of all shares of Egis as of
11 December 2013, thus from that date Egis will operate as a sole shareholder company, and
Subsection 2 of Section 283 of Act IV. of 2006 on business associations shall be applied.

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