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Resolutions of the Sole Shareholder
EXTRAORDINARY INFORMATION on the resolutions of the Sole Shareholder

ARTS ET TECHNIQUES DU PROGRÈS (duly organised and existing under the laws of
France, and having an office and principal place of business at 25 rue Eugène Vignat, 45000
Orléans FRANCE, Registration No.: 582 057 600) as the sole shareholder (hereinafter
referred to as "Sole Shareholder") of Egis Pharmaceuticals Plc (a company duly organized
and existing under the laws of Hungary, registration no. 01-10-041762, having its registered
office at 30-38 Keresztúri út, H-1106 Budapest, HUNGARY) adopted the following
in accordance with paragraph 5 of Section 19, paragraph 2 of Section 284 of the Hungarian
Business Associations Act (Act IV of 2006) and Article 16 of the Articles of Association:
Sole Shareholder resolution No. 1/2014.
The Sole Shareholder accepts the consolidated report on the business activity of the Egis
Group prepared by the Board of Directors on the year ended 30 September 2013 in
accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and approves the
consolidated balance sheet of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC with assets vs. liabilities and
shareholders’ equity of HUF 227,117 million, and with consolidated net profit of HUF 20,412
The Sole Shareholder furthermore approves the relevant reports of the Supervisory Board, the
Auditor and the Audit Committee.

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